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How could probiotics help me for treating my hemorrhoids?

 Healing Hemorrhoids with Probiotics

Probiotics can be very helpful for treating your hemorrhoids. It is known that the main cause for developing hemorrhoids is constipation.

The regular intake of probiotics and dietary fiber could reduce the degree of chronic constipation substantially and the amount of needed laxatives for it management as well.

In mild cases of chronic constipation probiotics by itself might provoke regular bowel movement and to remove the constipation completely. In this way they purify your colon and help in detoxifying your body.

Hemorrhoids flare up and relapse could also be caused and complicated by food allergies. In mild cases of food allergy the only one reaction of your body might be the hemorrhoidal crisis and diarrhea.

In response to allergens the body synthesizes biologically active substance called histamine. Antihistamines are used to block the release of histamines.

Probiotics act as natural antihistamines and could prevent or mitigate the allergic reactions.

Probiotics prevent problems associated with indigestion such gas, diarrhea, constipation and bloating. These conditions should be avoided by hemorrhoid sufferers. Probiotics strengthen capillaries as well.
According to scientific studies the normal intestinal flora can influence carcinogenesis by producing enzymes that transform precarcinogens into active carcinogens.

There is some evidence that selected microorganisms may actually protect the body from this carcinogenic activity. The probiotic may inhibit the bacteria that are responsible for converting precarcinogens into carcinogens., thus preventing the colon cancer development.


What is therapeutic dose of probiotics for treating hemorrhoids?

Heal Hemorrhoids with Probiotics

Therapeutic Probiotic Dose (TPD) is based on the Colony Forming Units (CFU) count of 10 Billion.

A CFU:is one or more, sometimes many, bacterial cells that grow into a visible colony on a Petri dish containing appropriate agar for the microorganism being tested.

One colony is one CFU. For instance, 1 CFU may contain 20 bacteria, or it may contain 5 bacteria

The recommended therapeutic probiotic dosage differs from individual to individual and depends on bacterial imbalance in the digestive system.

 The greater the bacterial imbalance in the digestive system, the higher the dosage required for positive results.

Hence, the initial dosage is within (10-35) billion CFUs.

The highest recommended dosage is about 200 billion CFUs.

The daily consumption of probiotics is probably the best way to maintain micro flora balance in the gastrointestinal track.

Probiotics agains Hemorrhoids

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