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Diagnosis of hemorrhoidal disease is made by digital examination, visual control by direct visualization via anoscopy or proctoscopy examinations and by history taking. The right diagnosis is of vital importance for the success of hemorrhoids treatment.


Video about when hemorrhoids examination is performed:


Digital rectal examination serves only as a rough orientation in the anal canal. It is performed with a gloved, lubricated finger to feel the abnormalities. 

Unless you are experiencing extreme pain, a digital examination should always be performed.The final step in the initial office examination is usually anoscopy.

The anoscopy is performed by using a small, rigid device called anoscope,  inserted a few inches into to the anus. Currently many types of anoscopes are available. The preparation with an enema is not usually necessary before anoscopy, it can improve visualization and may be aesthetically more acceptable to the examiner and to the patient

Further evaluations using sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy is useful when symptoms of hemorrhoids are not truly apparent especially in the elderly patients.

A colonoscopy allows a doctor to make inside observation  of the your entire large intestine. This procedure allows him/her to see the all abnormalities of your large intestine. The colonoscopy is most often used to be investigated early symptoms of cancer in the colon and rectum.

 Video of colonoscopy of hemorrhoids with rectal cancer:


In order to be performed  detail, complete and safe  colonoscopy  your colon must be completely clean and empty. For this purpose 1 to 3 days before colonoscopy you will have to be on a liquid diet.   

The cleansing of the bowel is carried out  before the procedure by taking  a laxative the night before the colonoscopy or by giving you enema.

Also before colonoscopy are prescribed sedative and pain medicines that  ease the discomfort during the procedure. 

The duration of colonoscopy  is about 45 minutes. After procedure you will have to stay for about 2 hours in cabinet in order the action of sedative medicines to fade away.

The correct diagnosis must precede the treatment of hemorrhoids. Many diseases, i.e. rectal cancer, colitis, internal rectal prolapse, solitary rectal ulcer, rectal polyps, could be also considered as hemorrhoids without careful examination.

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