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Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy/Hemroids Development During Pregnancy 

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In this article you will find important information about the major causes of the development of hemorrhoids during the pregnancy and hemorrhoids management including important videos about this subject. You can find a practical solution for removing pregnancy hemorrhoids by clicking on the next link: safe treatment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

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The major causes of the development of hemorrhoids
during pregnancy are:

  • the pressure from the baby - under this pressure the anal veins become engorged; 
  • hormonal changes during the pregnancy-the increased levels of   progesterone hormone make your gastrointestinal tract sluggish. Because of this slow gastrointestinal motion your intestines absorb more heavily the water from the waste and your stools become harder.  You become constipated. 
  • Reduced physical activity during the pregnancy helps to perpetuate  the  development of constipation. 

 Video about why hemorrhoids are common in pregnancy:

The delivery removes the main cause to develop hemorrhoids: the pressure from the baby. This  fact and the gradual normalization of the hormonal balance in your body increase chance your hemorrhoids to disappear. Usually hemorrhoids shrink over a long period of time. 

On the other hand if you have had hemorrhoids before conception the chances piles to disappear after giving birth are minimal. In this case your pregnancy is not the main cause of hemorrhoids development 

To avoid constipation during the pregnancy you may use   a bulk-forming laxative like psyllium calcium polycarbophile or methylcellulose taken with glass of water.

To ease your pain you may apply an ice pack to anal area to shrink the veins.

Warm sitz baths after every bowel movement are also helpful to decrease the discomfort and pain.

Sleeping in the left-side lying position and not on the back increases blood circulations in your veins, thus helping  to shrink hemorrhoids during the night.

Kegel exercises (pelvic floor exercises) are also helpful in this direction.

You should seek professional advice before taking any herbal supplements.

These supplements may contain herbs, which are not suitable to be taken during the pregnancy and may harm your baby. Some essential oils, taken internally, can cause miscarriage. Inhalation and topical application of some essential oils can also be dangerous during the pregnancy.

In case of severe pain surgical intervention is recommended. Unfortunately, during pregnancy many of the invasive treatment options for hemorrhoids, such as injection, rubber band ligation, and surgery can’t be applied. 

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You should follow the general advices applicable to every hemorrhoid suffer: to avoid standing or sitting for prolonged periods, to walk regularly every day at least 15 minutes and to maintain healthy toilet habits. You may find additional practical information about removing hemorrhoids during pregnancy by clicking here: hemorrhoids pregnancy treatment, or here: hemroids during pregnancy

Video about how hemorrhoids develop during pregnancy:

Video about hemorrhoids treatment options in pregnancy:

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