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Herbal treatment of hemorrhoids

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How to get red of your hemorrhoids by using scientifically validated healing herbs and herbal supplements  

 What is conservative therapy of hemorrhoids ?


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Initial therapy for chronic symptoms of hemorrhoids should be conservative, including stool bulking and topical therapy with ointments or suppositories.

Conservative therapy should be aimed at preventing constipation, improving digestion, promoting normal blood clothing, shrinking inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue and treating pain.

This is achieved by taking supplements, medications, herbal tea, vitamins and minerals, bioflavonoids, probiotics, applying ointments and suppositories and maintaining careful anal hygiene.

Conservative therapy of hemorrhoids should not be used without confirmation of  hemorrhoids diagnosis by means of digital examination and anoscopy. 

Many diseases (i.e rectal cancer, rectal polyps etc.)  could be wrongly considered as hemorrhoids without rectal examination.  

Herbal treatment of hemorrhoids

Clinical experience suggests that botanical treatments and lifestyle changes can relieve hemorrhoid symptoms in the early stages and can provide significant benefit as COMPLIMENTARY treatment in the later stages of the ailment.

  What is an herbal remedy for hemorrhoids?

An herbal remedy for hemorrhoids is made from a medicinal plant or plants and used to prevent and treat hemorrhoids disease and piles complications or to promote health and healing.

For treating hemorrhoids the herbal remedies can be taken in capsule, tea form or applied in the form of salve, gel or essential oils.

The herbal treatment is considered as an essential part of natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Why topical application of herbal ointments and gels are not so effective in treating hemorrhoids?

 Topical application of ointment (gel) containing herb extracts has shown limited or minimal efficacy on healing hemorrhoids. Usually it leads to temporary relief.

It can help with itching, swelling and discomfort, but will not make hemorrhoids go away. It does not cure the root cause of hemorrhoids development.

Long-term local treatment of piles is not recommended as it may be difficult to tolerate. Therefore, the internal use of herbal pills is preferred to local application or topical application should be combined with oral intake of herbal pills.

if your body is prone to allergy the best thing is topical application to be stopped.

The only exception is topical application of essential oils. Although applied topically, essentials oils penetrate deeply in human body reaching blood circulation system.


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