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Want to Cure Hemorrhoids Fast?

Best Hemorrhoids Treatments Compared. Stop Hemorrhoids Agony Now!

Although herbal treatment has mild action and requires more time and patience for achieving satisfactory results, allergic reactions towards herbal components are rare compared ones shown to artificial chemical components.

The immune system of the human body is more likely to react more strongly against artificial chemicals and to suppress them.

This may lead to substantial decrease in the healing effect of artificial drugs.

It is known that artificial drugs have many side effects, which may complicate the condition of other organs of the human body.

Gels or suppositories, made up of artificial chemicals usually contain components with analgesic action. These components initially mask allergic reaction of the body.

Hence, the temporary pain relief is followed by complication of your hemorrhoids condition .

The herbal extracts are more safety than artificial chemical components, when they are used in appropriate dosage.

The main goals of botanical and nutritional support is to treat the cause of a disease.

Conversely, the bulk of standard treatments of hemorrhoids are geared toward removing the problem or palliating the disease. Hence, after period of some relief the hemorrhoids come back.

This experience is especially painful for patience passed through surgical interventions.

 Which herbs are scientifically validated to be of benefit to hemorrhoids treatment?

 Oral dietary supplementation is helpful in the traditional treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Several botanical extracts have been investigated and classified as extracts that may improve blood microcirculation, capillary flow, and vascular tone, and to strengthen the connective tissue.

Oral supplementation with Horse Chestnut /Aesculus hippocastanum/, Butcher's Broom /Ruscus aculeatus/, Gotu kola /Centella asiatica/, Witch Hazel /Hamamelis virginiana/, Ginko/ ,and bioflavonoids may prevent the complications of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. For above mentioned herbs there is some scientific validation to be of benefit to hemorrhoids treatment.

As concerns essential oils and their role in treating hemorrhoids they are applied in both ways locally in the rectum and internally by massaging the soles.

Essential oils have the ability to penetrate into the human cell membranes faster than any known substance.

Essential oils are fat soluble which means that the body absorbs trace elements of the formulas directly into the blood stream and immune system bypassing the kidneys and digestive system, where they combat your condition internally.

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Herbs here are listed alphabetically by their names.

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