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Cryotherapy for Hemorrhoids – The Best Choice For Cost - Effective Safe & Proven Hemorrhoids Treatment At Home

This article describes cryotherapy for hemorrhoids, which is the most cost-efficient method to treat hemorrhoids at home. What is more, cryotherapy has been proven to be safe fast acting method for removing hemorrhoids and providing fast pain relief with the first application. Two FDA approved cryotherapy devices, easily found on the market, are being suggested for low-budget fast proven and effective removal of external and internal hemorrhoids at home.

Cryotherapy for hemorrhoids as a method belongs to non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids. The term cryotherapy  means ‘to cure with cold’ and its origin is in Greek language.

The cryotherapy is a very old method used successfully  since  ancient times. Basically, cryotherapy for hemorrhoids consists of applying a cold applicator topically to inflamed hemorrhoids.

The cryotherapy  applicator is made up of hospital grade  plastic, which contains a special fluid.  Put  inside  a special sanitary container  for freezing  in the freezer, when ready,  the applicator is applied on inflamed hemorrhoids.
It has been  proven that this cold application decreases hemorrhoidal  inflammation, removes  pain and spasm, and promotes shrinking of engorged hemorrhoidal tissue.

What is more, the freezing of hemorrhoids in a long run leads to the  natural  death of hemorrhoidal tissue, its elimination of human body and its replacement by a newly grown  healthy tissue.

Therefore, the cryotherapy is a safe proven  natural method for eliminating even severe hemorrhoids at home. As a topical application its effectiveness is limited within the reach of the applicator, however it is suitable for treating both external and internal hemorrhoids.

Moreover, cryotherapy for hemorrhoids is the most cost efficient method to remove your hemorrhoids.

How long does it take to obtain hemorrhoid relief with cryotherapy?

Usually it takes about 2-3 weeks to eliminate internal hemorrhoids and about 4 weeks to remove severe cases of external hemorrhoids.  Generally , the duration of treatment  can be dramatically reduced  by excluding the main reasons for hemorrhoids development such as constipation, sitting for a long periods of time, lack of exercises.

The cryotherapy  does not hurt. In contrast to other local applications used to treat hemorrhoids such as herbal or medical suppositories, gels and creams  cryotherapy may be used as frequently as you can during daytime.

What is more, the more daytime treatments, the better.  Usually one treatment lasts eight to ten minutes.

 Another cost efficient advantage of cryotherapy for hemorrhoids is that you don’t have to use herbal or medical creams, ointments gels or suppositories while applying it. Moreover, the best way is to avoid them because some of their ingredients may cause allergic reaction, thus worsening your hemorrhoidal condition.

Therefore cryotherapy is one of the most cost efficient hemorrhoids treatment because all your expenses are limited to buying the corresponding applicator. Usually, the applicator lasts up to  six months.

However,  please have in mind that it will be  better off  buying two applicators in order to always have one ready for use while the other is freezing  in the freezer. On average,  the price of one package of two units is about $70-$80.

In summary: Cryotherapy for hemorrhoids is the most cost efficient method to treat your hemorrhoids.

It provides fast relief from the pain and discomfort with the first application. In a long run it can eliminate the engorged hemorrhoidal tissue by helping the body to replace this harmful and painful hemorrhoidal tissue with a newly grown healthy tissue.

We highly recommend only two FDA  cryotherapy applicators : Anuice and Hemorr-Ice. You can buy them on Amazon. Click on the banner below to get fast cost efficient hemorrhoids relief or discover more about corresponding applicator.

What is Anuice®?

   Anuice® is a FDA approved cryogenic (cold applicator) device made of hospital grade plastic. It contains a fluid that can freeze fast by placing it in the freezer inside a special sanitary container (included).

When cold, it is applied directly to the swollen, painful and engorged hemorrhoidal area, providing healing cold and fast pain relief during an 8-10 minute lapse.

The device prevents the low temperatures from causing tissue burns. This treatment, recommended by doctors in many countries, relieves the hemorrhoids painful, by reducing the inflammation and shrinking hemorrhoids tissue.


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Video about FDA approved Anuice device for fast hemorrhoids removal:

For fast proven and cost efficient hemorrhoids relief click here to buy or learn more about Anuice on Amazon. Act Now to Stop Suffering!


What is Hemorr-Ice?

   Hemorr - Ice is carefully designed and patented for the Human Rectum Anatomy FDA approved cryotherapy device. With the direct application of cold therapy also known as cryotherapy the Hemorr - Ice device reduces the swollen hemorrhoids in the rectum. Hemorr Ice is also beneficial for the treatment of anal perianal fissures due to hemorrhoids shrinking and analgesic properties of the device.

 Price: Price: $ 29.95

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