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Semi invasive/non-surgical / treatments of hemorrhoids

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Before taking your decision to undergo semi invasive/non-surgical/ treatment or surgery you must consider the next facts.

A  human body is a self healing system which has inherent internal power and inherent internal mechanism   for spontaneous recovering. 

 The semi invasive/non-surgical/ treatment or surgery almost completely destroys this internal mechanism, so the chances for spontaneous recovering are almost completely gone if you undergo these procedures.

What is more, the semi invasive/non-surgical/ treatment and the surgery doesn’t remove the root cause of hemorrhoids development.

Over time the hemorrhoids appear again. You visit  your surgeon and he/she “obligingly” offers you to pass-through  these painful and very expensive  procedures again.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the surgery or seminvasive treatments. According to me it should be applied in case of severe pain, when other options have failed.      

 Semi invasive/non-surgical/ treatments of hemorrhoids are usually performed in the office. This office procedures include:

infrared photocoagulation
application of current (direct current or bipolar)
rubber band ligation


Most of these procedures are simple and they may be repeated if it is necessary. It is reported that overall success rate is between (80-90)%. These office treatments  are considered  safe and effective for low grade hemorrhoids-Grade I,II.


Sclerotherapy is performed by  Injectioning  of a 'sclerosing' chemical into the haemorrhoid.  Sclerotherapy  is effective in 75 to 89 percent of patients with  Grades I, II, and III hemorrhoids.


Cryotherapy  is performed by freezing of the haemorrhoid ussualy in the office. Success rate of this hemorrhoids treatment  is about 90%. 

Disadvantages : this procedure is very painful and expensive- about 66% of patients treated in the office with cryotherapy reported for experienced significant pain and anal discharge.

There are appliances based on cryotherapy for home treatment available at market. These appliances are  actually cryogenic re-usable probes, that deliver cold temperature directly to the hemorrhoids and according  to their inventors  they might eliminate all your hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

Advantages-home self treatment performed by the suffers is possible, if  any pain exists during the treatment it intensity could be managed depending on the duration of the application of the appliance on hemorrhoids . Highly effective procedure at early stages of the hemorrhoids-grades I and II. Does’not guarantee a 100% success rate in case of grades III and IV hemorrhoids.

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