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Infrared photocoagulation

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Infrared coagulation involves direct application of  infrared waves resulting in closing of blood supply to the hemorrhoid. It is most applicable to Grades I and II hemorrhoids. Dissadvantages: the method is associated with high rates of recurrence.

Application of current (direct current or bipolar)
Direct current- direct current is applied to hemorrhoids and obliterates hemorhoidal tissue. The procedure with direct current is usually eight times longer in comparison with one using bipolar current
Success rate is about 70%.
It is also known as electrocoagulation

Application of bipolar current- it is also known as bipolar diathermy. The duration of the procedure is up to two minutes per hemorrhoid.

Rubber band ligation
Hemorrhoid banding is usually the most effective option
 A rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid and after 3-10 days the hemorrhoid will fall off.

Procedure is painless in most cases. Many people require multiple band placements, but surgery is rarely necessary. Success occurs in up to 75% of patients. 

Disadvantages- it has been reported for septic complications including death as a consequences of rubber band ligitation. 

Because of the chance for infection, rubber band ligation is not a good option for people with immunodeficiencies such as AIDS, transplant patients and patients on chemotherapy.

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